About Khujbo.com

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Have you ever been to a new neighborhood and couldn’t find a good place to eat at? Or do you worry about where you will stay when you go to a different city? If someone or “something” could tell you all about the hotels and restaurants in that area, wouldn’t that be helpful?

Khujbo.com helps you to explore your city in a different way. It is a simple tool that lets you

  • Find new restaurants and hotels all over Bangladesh
  • add new places
  • review the places you like or dislike
  • share the experience with your friends


We believe in the idea of free information to all. With the help of Khujbo.com’s enthusiastic community (you!) we want to promote tourism in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is still a mystery not only to the foreigners but also to the Bangladeshis. We want you to travel more; visit more places! And khujbo.com will help you with the information that you require.