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Manikganj District Information

Manikganj District is a part of the Dhaka Division and situated in central Bangladesh. The subdivision was established in 1845 and it became a district in 1984. The district consists Read More

Gopalganj District Information

Gopalganj district is one of the districts within the Dhaka division of Bangladesh. Gopalganj District was established in 1984. Before that it was a subdivision of Faridpur District.The district is Read More

Gazipur District Information

Gazipur District is a district of Bangladesh within Dhaka Division. The district was established in 1984. Gazipur consists of 5 upazilas, 46 union parishads, 710 mouzas, 2 municipalities and 1163 Read More

Dhaka District Information

Dhaka District is a district located in central Bangladesh which is a part of the Dhaka Division. Dhaka was formerly known as Dacca and Jahangir Nagar( under Mughal rule ). Read More

Faridpur District Information

Faridpur is a district in central Bangladesh which is a part of the Dhaka Division. The Greater Faridpur region includes the present districts of Rajbari, Gopalgonj, Madaripur, Shariatpur and Faridpur. Read More

Netrakona District Information

Netrakona is a district in the central Bangladesh which is a part of the Dhaka Division. Netrokona subdivision was established in 1882 and it was turned into a district in Read More

Jamalpur District Information

Jamalpur is a district in Dhaka Division and in the northern part of Bangladesh. This district was established in 1978. This district consists of 7 upazilas, 6 municipalities, 68 union Read More

Mymensingh District Information

Mymensingh is a district of Dhaka division, Bangladesh which was once a large district. Mymensingh district was established in 1787. This greater district was later reorganized as six districts. They Read More

Sherpur District Information

Sherpur is a district of the Dhaka Division and in northern Bangladesh. Sherpur district was established in 1984. Before that it was a subdivision under the Mymensingh district. The district Read More

Habiganj District Information

Habiganj is a district under Sylhet Division and within the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. Habiganj a Thana (police precinct) was established as in 1790.at that time it was within Dhaka Read More

Maulvi Bazar District Information

Maulvi Bazar is a North-Eastern district of Sylhet Division in Bangladesh. Maulvi Bāzār District is a second-order administrative division in Sylhe. This district has 67 Unions, 2,064 Villages and 5 Read More

Sylhet District Information

Sylhet District is one of the four districts in the Sylhet Division and is located in north-east corner of Bangladesh. Sylhet District has a long history. This district was established Read More
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