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100+ Iftar Offers by Restaurants of Dhaka: Ramadan 2015

We all know that Dhaka people LOVE to eat! So, I have compiled a list of irresistible iftar offers by the restaurants of Dhaka, for this year’s (June 2015) Ramadan to indulge your Read More

11 Hottest Sehri Deals from Restaurants of Dhaka

Want to enjoy Sehri outdoors in Dhaka? Checkout these hottest sehri offers from the restaurants of Dhaka. You are looking for iftar offers on this Ramadan (2014) checkout “50 Irresistible Read More

50 Irresistible Iftar Offers by the Restaurants of Dhaka

Your search for irresistible iftar offers has come to an end. In the month of holy Ramadan (2014), various restaurants of Dhaka has offered some excellent packages to meet your dining Read More
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