Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar: by Bus, Train & Air

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Cox’s Bazar is one of the most happening tourist attractions of Bangladesh. It is always packed with local and foreign tourists. Cox’s Bazar offers not only the chance to witness the longest sandy sea beach of the world, but also the opportunity to enjoy a simple, down to earth lifestyle in this serene environment. You can get to Cox’s Bazar fairly easily as it is connected with highways, train stations (chittagong) and an airport. But keep in mind that it is located around 380kms away from the capital… so it may take a while (1 hour to 9 hours) depending on which transport you choose.

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Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Bus

The intercity bus services connecting Cox’s Bazar with Dhaka is one of the best Bangldesh has to offer. More than 60 coaches of around 20 renowned companies leave Dhaka each day towards Cox’s Bazar.  Generally the first coach is at around 9 am and the last is around 11:30 pm. 4 types of coaches are available to the tourists:

  • AC Sleeper Coach (3000Tk per person)
  • AC Executive Coach (1250-1800Tk per person)
  • AC Economy Coach (900-1600Tk per person)
  • Non AC Chair Coach (700-800Tk per person

Phone Numbers of Intercity Bus Services

List of all the major bus services with ticket prices are provided below (alphabetical order):

 Company Name  Coach Type  Ticket Price (Tk)
 Baghdad Express  AC Economy  1350
 Baghdad Express  AC Executive  1700
 Eagle Paribahan  Non AC  700
 Green Line  AC Economy  1600
 Green Line  AC Executive  1800
 Green Line  AC Sleeper  3000
 Hanif Enterprise  Non AC  700
 Hanif Enterprise (Teknaf)  Non AC  800
 Hanif Enterprise (Ramu)  Non AC  800
 Hanif Enterprise  AC Economy  1400
 Hanif Enterprise  AC Executive  2000
 S Alam Service  Non AC  800
 Shyamoli Paribahan  Non AC  700
 Shyamoli Paribahan  AC Economy  1300
 Shohagh Paribahan  AC Economy  1500
 Soudia Paribahan  Non AC  700
 Soudia Paribahan  AC Economy  1700
 Soudia Paribahan  AC Executive  2000
 Soudia Paribahan (Teknaf)  Non AC  800
 Silk Line  AC Economy  1000
 Silk Line  AC Executive  1200
 Shahi Service  Non AC  800
 TR Travels  Non AC  700
 TR Travels  AC Economy  1150
 Unique Service  Non AC  700


As you can see, some buses directly run to Teknaf and Ramu, crossing cox’s bazar.

My Suggestion: Pick any AC (economy)  bus service and travel through the night. Best bus on this route is Hanif’s B9R.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Train

There is no direct train service from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. But if you crave for a train journey with your friends on your way to Cox’s Bazar, hop on one of the 5 express trains that leave from Dhaka towards Chittagong. From Chittagong you will have to get on a bus to reach your final destination though.

Always make sure to check with railway’s website to ensure the time.

Name Departure Arrival Ticket Price (Tk)
Mohanogor Provati Express 7:40 15:15 125-756
Mohanogor Godhuli Express 16:40 23:20 320-731
Shuborno Express 15:00 21:45 355-673
Turna Nishitha 23:00 6:35 320-1093
Chattala Express 11:00 19:35 265-425


My Suggestion: It would take you another 3.5 hours to reach cox’s bazar from Chittagong. Also, trains in Bangladesh are known for delays in schedule. So if you can compromise your love for train rides, I would suggest traveling on a bus. But if you must, catch the Mohanogor Provati Express or Turna Nishitha.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Air

This is the fastest way to travel to Cox’s Bazar. Local lights to Cox’s Bazar are offered by Regent Airways, NovoAir and United Airways.

Name Departure/Arrival Ticket Price (Tk) Days
NovoAir 11:45-12:40 6600-8400 Except Mon, Wed
United Airways 14:20-15:30 5000-8500 Daily
Regent Airways 11:40-12:40 6400-8500 Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat
US Bangla Airways 14:40-15:40 5500-8500 Daily


Travel Tip: Have your hotel pick you up from airport. Most hotels provide this service for free. On the other hand, the airport is very near to the main part of the town, so you will have plenty of options on airport as well.

What is the Best Way to Travel to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka?

Well, if you are traveling with your friends and family enjoy a economic trip via an AC bus (in any season) or via a non AC bus (in winter). If you are traveling with your loved one, enjoy a much more comfortable ride in the sleeper coach or an executive AC coach. And if you are planing a quick weekend get-away book a seat on a Thursday/Friday plane and get back on Saturday night!

Share your opinion! What is the best way to travel to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka? 

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